Business clients

We provide comprehensive legal services within the scope of the Client’s business profile. Thanks to many years of experience and a wide range of lawyers, every aspect of an entrepreneur’s business – irrespective of the legal form of its conduct – can be carefully analysed in order to minimise the risks and achieve the designated goals.

Within the framework of permanent legal service we offer in particular:

  • analyses of legal issues arising from reported problems,
  • analyses of regulations from all areas of law, within the scope of the Client’s activity,
  • analyses of the content of draft contracts and drafting of contracts concluded by the Client,
  • drafting of all internal acts, especially company collective labour agreements, labour, remuneration or bonus regulations and also organisational regulations and statutes,
  • preparation of written legal opinions on reported issues arising from the application of existing legislation,
  • participation in company bodies’ meetings,
  • providing information on regulation changes affecting the Client’s business,
  • trainings in the area of ​​interest of an entrepreneur, including training on conclusions resulting from our lawyers’ experience, i.a. such resulting from participation in court, administrative and tax proceedings,
  • representation before common courts, administrative courts and other bodies entitled to hear cases, including in particular:
    • preparation of full litigation documentation,
    • undertaking any litigation actions within the proceedings, including the preparation of a counterclaim,
    • bringing any kind of appeals in civil and administrative proceedings, including cassations,
    • risk assessment of potential results of proceedings,
    • undertaking any action concerning the security and enforcement of claims,
  • collection of receivables,
  • complex handling of transactions, the investment processes and negotiations in which the Client participates.